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Things To Make You Smile

F-list! It seems like each and every one of you has been having a tough few weeks! I know that my commenting on all your LJ's has been pathetic as of late, and I won't even get into my presence on my *own* LJ, but I have been keeping up with everyone. And it seems like everyone needs a break. I can't help with that but hopefully this post will cheer everyone up.

First of all - I have to recommend every try the LJ Markov Random Text Generator. It takes sentences from your LJ and scrambles them up and it is hysterical.

It is the best four-letter-word in the far side of the computer, surfing the web. The Australian got up and she’s kind of father he is.” “Me I wonder how she came over to that continent… “Do you really?” I blink at her, and flashes it on. Her pupils barely react at all. I thought it was no use. Cuddy was not hard to pay attention to the horizon. As he spoke he threw open the wide doors, and just leave this whole dumb hospital behind but…I can’t. “Why are you so down? You’re in a fellowship. “I can’t see.” There is nothing pulling her to the H/G kiss: Mrs. Jo shook her head as if she reads articles about working moms and how to post an image, surely you too are capable of it! I've seen variants of this post comes from the only person who could save it.” Foreman stared at him and just cuddle. CHASE: Ok, this is the only few minutes when he knows that House won’t move on. I’m growing more and more in love with her. Here, I brought pizza.” That explains the greasy smell. There is a quiet noise at the hospital is in the…storage place to start, Wilson thinks, because it’s all the same. I pad over to her chest. It smells like him, and there’s much too much polyester for them too much, they're getting healthy, independent. And that's just ugly." James Wilson married three women and Foreman.

See? Well, I thought it was funny!

Humorous Pictures</a>
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Humorous Pictures
moar humorous pics

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moar humorous pics

funny pictures
moar humorous pics

And lastly...

Finally, I'll write drabbles for anyone who requests it!
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